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No matter who you are or what you do in life, I guarantee you have a fetish for something. Everyone does. For some, it is the simple things like women smoking or female feet or ass or fingernails. For others its slightly more out there for things like leather, tattoos, PVC or rubber. And some people like the truly away from the norm things like the colour yellow, socks or hair over face. The point is, it does not matter what it is. Because someone has a “thing” for it.
Me personally, I have a desire to watch women smoking. It baffles me why this turns me on and gets me going because I am a non-smoker myself and have never even tried one cigarette. But the second I see women light up I am instantly mesmerised and lost in a trance as I watch her take puffs of her cigarette.

It has always been with me for as long as I can remember. And with this particular fetish, like so many, I could have my fill of it anytime I wanted as there are always females smoking where ever you look. But I found that I was spending so much time trying not to look like I was looking, I was actually not seeing very much of the activity. So much so that I barely got a chance to enjoy it.

So what is a guy to do? Well, I discovered chats sites which are online websites with one to one interaction with gorgeous women who are all experts at taking some one’s fantasy and desire and bringing it to life.
In my case, all I had to do was find a girl who smoked and I was off and running. Every day I used to daydream about the session I would have that night. Logging on and seeing her with bright red glossy lips. Watching them move as she talked to me, imagining the cig hanging there. The thought of a long, white ciggie hanging from them would get ANY guy rock hard in no time!

I loved watching as she slowly and absentmindedly yet purposefully reached for the packet and looked at me with a glint in her eye as she took a cigarette from the stack and slowly opened her mouth and put the cig in between them. She always did it nice and slow. She knows this is what gets me off and it certainly worked with me! She always smiled as she flicked her lighter and brought it up to her lips and everything always went into slow motion for me at this point. Ever seen a movie where it goes to slow motion right before something big happens? Watching the fag get lit and then the loud ‘click’ as the lighter is snapped shut? Well, that is what it feels like when she lights up.

To see her take a huge drag and then blow that sweet smoke out and into the air always has me closing my eyes and inhaling as if I can smell it hanging in the air. It never fails to get me going and it is why I always use the fetish webcam sites for my kink.
And it works perfectly for the harder to find fetishes as well. Take balloons for example. There are a ton of guys out there who have a thing for balloons. The smell. The squeaky noise they make when rubbed. Watching a sexy girl rub them all over her body and hearing the noise and seeing them bend. It turns a lot of guys on. And most online girls will keep a stack of balloons because they know they will occasionally get asked if they have any. It is much more common than you think.
And it is perfect for submissive guys who are into BDSM Cams Most guys who enjoy this usually have it coupled with a lust for leather, PVC, rubber, feet, ass or whatever. So by using an online site, they can have it all combined in the one place. All dominant females know that to make a slave truly submissive, you give him what makes him weak. And if that is a low cut PVC top then that is exactly what they will get. The female dominants will always tease and deny.

Cruel fetish cams girl

cruel fetish cam girl

They know how weak it gets men and how much the guys will give as they are powerless to resist. It is a Mistresses most powerful tool and they use it to their full advantage.
But this is just a few of the fetishes covered by the girls online. They are all experts in the art of satisfying guy’s desires and whatever it is that gets you off, they can do it for you.

They know exactly how to fulfil the fantasies of guys and precisely how to make all their fetish needs be met. So do not strain your self-trying to get your kicks out in the open. You will not get anywhere near the enjoyment you will get by going online and having women do it who is dedicated to doing EXACTLY what gets you off for as long as you want!

Taboo Fetish Video

Need more hot Pictures of Kinky, wild, Taboo ladies

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Gas Mask fetish shows

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Giantess fetish cams

She will destroy you, she will overpower you, you are a little man living in her world, you are so small and tiny you will be crushed, stood on and live under her boots. Tiny man syndrome and being controlled by giant women

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Sexy girl wearing satin gloves

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Girls in pantyhose live

Ready to have your biggest fantasy played out live to you on webcam? Ready to have hot sexy females teasing you and shaking their ass in your face and demanding you worship and adore it before the queen you by sitting on your face? If so then get yourself into the live rooms now and see for yourself just how amazing these hot babes really are.

Joi Cams

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Jerk Off Instruction Cams Click here

Told how to wank and when to wank and how fast to chug can be exciting but also humiliating. Join us on the journey and lifestyle into Jerk off the play, learn what it is, how to do it, what’s involved and much more.

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jerk off instructions

Sissy hand down her panties being the slut and doing as ordered by her owner. This is her carrying out her orgasm control/ wanking instructions. She had an audience with Mistress and her friend and was made to stroke for us on and off all day long.

wanking instruction webcams, joi cam chats

Wanking Instructions online cam show

That’s it useless one, jerk that little dick, make us all laugh, you’re pathetic, now wank it faster!! Did I say you could stop? If you do not do as we say we will put these electros on you for the rest of the day. Wank harder, make it red, we want to milk you. Orgasm control, cum denial and ruined orgasm are on the menu for you loser.

  • live webcam mistresses  are waiting to control your pleasure
  • Our Dominas are always in control and own your cock and ball/clitty
  • The dominating, seductive, sadistic females THRIVE on ownership
  • Denial of a happy ending is our MOTTO!
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sissy cock tied up

Do not ever Cross your Trainer, your Goddess your world. If I catch you wanking again I will tie it up and pin it to the ceiling. I decide if you can wank and when. Your cock will now stay tied up, red and sore and will continue to be punished for 24 hours.

Real men can wank – Sissies cannot wank unless instructed on webcam

Your a loser, you have no rights, you have no say, you have no power, your wanking experiences are over now, you are never in control of them, no more whipping it out and chugging it whenever you want, no more logging in and surfing free online porn or tube sites or looking for facesitting videos or to wank overseeing a Mistresses Pussy. No loser they days are gone. You are now the property of us and therefore that cock and ball is now our property. I hope we are being clear.

sissy humiliation cams, jerk off instructions

Sissy dressed in lingerie

Sissy Lala Again caught with her hand down the front of her smelly little sweaty panties, yes she has had these particular panties on now for over 2 weeks and they smell!!! Her dribbles inside them, from when she gets excited but is told not to touch that clitty.Jerk off instructions is given by Mistress whenever Mistress can be bothered wasting her precious time with such a whore.

The jerk off instruction story/information

Every mans favourite past time is having a nice wank. It does not matter who they are or what they tell you, every guy does it. Right from the age of 13 when they get their first hard on, they are jacking off to porn or their mom’s friends or whatever gets them going. For lots of guys, it is all they want to do. And for submissive guys, it can be a living hell
For you see, all dominant females and Mistresses know exactly how much being able to wank means to a guy. Every guy has a certain “technique” that he follows. Years of practice has allowed him to hone the perfect way to masturbate that means he gets the most satisfying orgasm possible.


But subs and slaves who enter the live femdom webcam room of a superior woman are in for a slice of hell. Because these Dommes all use to jerk off instructions (JOI) and will control how they wank, how fast, how slow, how many strokes, what hand and even what they can look at when doing it.
And if you are a submissive then imagine that. After decades of doing it how you please, think about how it will be to sit in front of a female dominant mean bitch who will tell you to start wanking. And as you start to enjoy it, she orders you to stop. Then start again. Faster, slower, start, stop. Mixing it up and laughing while you struggle till you barely know which way is up anymore. There are many ways for a femdom to control your masturbating and use it against you.
– How fast you can do it
– How slow you can do it
– How many strokes you can take
– How many fingers you can use
– Which hand you can use
– If you can only go upstrokes or down
– She might make you look at pictures of guys cocks or big fat ugly women
The point is, she controls you and she controls your pleasure. It might not sound bad, but after ten to fifteen minutes, the desire and need for orgasm will become all you can think about. And then the REAL problems begin for you. Because it is at this point that your owner will ramp up the pressure. She might
– Thrust her boobs or ass up to the screen to tease you
– Show you pictures of naked boobs
– Tell you all about the hot sex she had
Or anything else she knows that will drive you insane and make your balls tighten and your cock throb. Sometimes demanding you spank that cock hard to cause some pain as well.
Just think of the hurt you will feel as she tells you to take 10 slow strokes. How much your dick will throb at the tenth as you take your hand off. Then she tells you to take 10 downward only strokes. The torment and frustration will make your cock cry tears of pre-cum. And then she will make you wank fast. Then order you to slow down. Then use your left hand (this ALWAYS amuses Mistress’s as you fumble about trying to use your weak hand!)
For most online femdom webcam Dommes, the use of orgasm control and JOI is the most effective tool they have. The pain of a whip or clothes pins is NOTHING compared to the pain of not being allowed that one final stroke that will grant sweet relief and a satisfying orgasm. They love to turn guys minds to mush as they lose all sense of what is going on and can only blindly follow her commands. The Women dominants live to know the one golden rule to life
– Control the dick you control the man
Because when a guy is horny and desperate to cum then he becomes weak and will do ANYTHING for that release. Then the Mistress has you in the palm of her hands and can make you do anything she wants.
And it does not always end on a good note either. For real men who wank, they can prolong it and enjoy the feeling of horniness and the way it makes their member grow and throb. Because they know they will have a great, satisfying orgasm. But slaves suffering JOI do not know if they will even be allowed to ejaculate at the end. The pain and frustration of denial will not be “made up to them” by the feeling of a great orgasm.

Blonde sexy girls Jerk OFF Instruction Cute Babe Dirty Talking

From Hot girls to milfs, matures black women and transgenders we all love to give you instructions live now!!!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5UINotf-cM&w=420&h=315]

They might be told to stop and not be given the cum command. Instead, they will be told they can not orgasm or might even be locked back in their chastity to remain frustrated.
Or even worse, picture this. For god knows how long, you have been undergoing jerk off instructions online and you are desperate to cum and feel a fantastic orgasm erupt and release all that punt up spunk in your swollen balls. She is telling you to wank faster and faster. You feel yourself about to cum and you think “Yes, finally” and RIGHT AT THE POINT OF ORGASM you hear her shout “HANDS OFF”.

You stop masturbating but your cock strains and then jerks as dribbles of cum ooze from the tip and your orgasm slips away. Unfulfilled and you feel none of the satisfaction or joy and release of a great ejaculation. She decided to give you a ruined orgasm. You were teased and tormented, controlled and used and when it finally came time for relief, it was ruined.
Such is the life of a pathetic male slave at the hands of a superior female on live femdom cam

Foot fetish Cams

foot fetish cams, feet fetish chat

Foot fetish webcam chat rooms

Sexy feet playing with dildo, foot smother, footjobs

Foot fetish cams – Foot Jobs

Ready for some hot sexy tootsies to drool over on cam? Then check out these hot babes below in a live webcam room waiting to tease you live online. Our ladies enjoy foot domination and humiliation as well as smother, crush and bare tootsie games.

bare footsies, foot crush cams, sexy bare feet online

Foot crush webcam chats

There is a fetish for absolutely EVERYTHING in the world. No matter what it is, you can be 100% safe in the assumption there is someone somewhere who gets off on it. There are some truly bizarre fetishes out there, for things like bricks, the colour yellow or even the sky. But one of the most popular and common types of desire is for women’s feet.

sexyfeet, feetcams, footchat

Delicious babe showing off her sexy tootsies

It is, without doubt, one of the things that most guys get turned on by. The famous movie director Quentin Tarantino is a self-confessed foot fetishist. It is evident in all his movies just how much this turns him on. Anyone who has seen from dusk till dawn, in particular, will know the scene with Salma Hayek where she puts her foot in his mouth and he drinks Tequila from her toes. There are elements of his love for feminine feet in all his movies and this shows how far and wide this particular “kink” can stretch.

bare feet, multiple feet , foot pictures

Multiple pairs of sexy painted feet and nails

There are many ways in which the female foot can turn guys on. For some, it is just the way they look. The soft, untouched skin of the upper sole and the dainty little toes. For some they like the toenails painted bright colours and maybe with a little silver toe ring adorning one or more toes.

Lots of guys like the arch of the soles. The way it transcends upwards and the wrinkles as she walks. And then there are guys like me. Submissive males who worship women’s feet as a show of subservience.
When you think of BDSM, most people’s first thought is of a $1000 an hour Dominatrix in leather tying a guy to a cross and whipping him. But this is a common misconception by vanilla people who don’t know the first thing about female domination and male subservience.

footlove, footseicams, my sexy feet

sexy sue showing off her amazing feet online

Because the most common aspect of femdom is, and always will be, foot worship.

Think about it. What better way for a superior female to exert her power over the lesser male than by forcing him to worship, kiss, lick and adore the lowest part of her body?

The part that she uses to walk on the dirty ground or is all sweaty from being in her boots all day? Me personally, I have a fetish for painted toenails and anytime I see a woman with bright nails, my dick instantly begins to grow! Honestly, it is like torture as I can not look away and my cock throbs.

foot fetish, toe fetish cams

Sexy Pink Painted toenails online fetish

Usually, I will always dash straight home and log on to a live femdom cams site where there are dozens of online Mistress Dommes who all have delicious feet I can beg to wank to.

I love going online and having them wiggle their toes and parade their naked soles in front of me, ordering me to lick them and worship them. I go to a state of euphoria right there and then as I see their tootsies right up close in all their glory. All the live female domination webcam Mistresses know how weak it makes slaves with fetishes and they love to use it to their advantage and manipulate these guys into doing their bidding and making them nothing more than silly little puppets, dancing at the end of a string.

toenail fetish, sexyfeet, foot cam chat

Sexy Sabrina Lust showing her gorgeous red painted toenails

All the cams dominatrix I visit know all about my weakness and will always be barefooted and sit with their feet on the desk as I sit mesmerised. They love how it makes me squirm and how pathetic I must look as I struggle to hold a conversation with their gorgeous feet so close I can almost smell them.
For some slaves, they like to see their Goddess glistening with sweat and maybe with bits of dirt on them. Imagine how humiliating t would be to lick her feet clean as they are stinky and sweaty from the boots she has been walking in all day? And to suck each of her toes as the salty sweat and bits of grime rub the slave’s tongue and remind him of just how far beneath this mean bitches superiority he really is. For many subs, this is the ultimate form of the power switch and is the most common way to prove they know they belong at the feet of a superior woman.
Anyone with this particular fetish knows the problems faced in everyday life, especially in the summer months. Dozens of females everywhere you look and most are either barefoot or wearing open-toed sandals or flip-flops. All these delicious tootsies so close and unable to touch and caress them is torture! Trying to look and stare but not get caught is an art in itself but you spend so much time trying to look like you are NOT looking then you end up not enjoying the glimpses that you DO get.
SO the best place to have your fill is on webcam where there are dozens of females who are all more than willing to display their wares for guys like us and fulfil all our fantasies.

They love it when guys compliment them on how sexy their feet are and how much it turns them on.
So do not risk voyeurism in public. Go to an online website or blog that has pictures and profiles that caters for feet fetishists like us and you can have everything you ever dreamed for as long as you could want.

foot licking, foot jobs, feet domination

Lick my feet now slave

foot play- foot humiliation

the hottest feet online

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Older women’s feet with a tattoo

Spanking cams with cruel Mistress

Spanking cam Lessons online with Strict dominant Females

spanking live chat rooms


Spanking cams online live chat rooms click here


cam slave female girl

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Spanking Cams Live Mistress Webcam Training

There are many forms of punishment a strict Mistress can dish out to her subs and slaves. Cock and ball torture, public humiliation or nipple torture to name but a few. But one of the most effective is a good old fashioned spanking.
For most slaves, this is the punishment they fear the most. It is deeply DEEPLY humiliating to have to go over superior females lay and have your bare bottom spanked. It brings back memories of childhood where their mother would spank them for being naughty and to be taken back to that state of mind and yet still be put across a female knee as a grown adult is degrading and embarrassing at the same time.
There are so many Dommes online and each one knows perfectly well that this is the best form of dealing with a submissive who needs to be punished. It instantly takes them back to childhood and causes them to regress and makes them humble and weak in her presence.

Imagine the scenario. Ordered to stand before her as she sits in a wooden chair. You stand with your hands clasped behind your back and your head bowed, ashamed and embarrassed. You peek up and she is staring at you, cross and annoyed. She orders you to lower your pants and underwear and then tuts as she sees you little penis all hard. She will probably make you stand there for a minute or two to make sure you feel the proper sense of shame, humiliation and degradation required.

Then you will be told to lower yourself across her lap. You do so tepidly and with much hesitation. As you feel the warmth of her thighs against your bare skin, you feel the thrill of touching her mixed with the fear of what is about to happen and what is occurring. She will probably tell you just exactly why you are across her knee and why you are getting a spanking. Then her hand will be raised and you will hear the “whoosh” as her hand comes down hard and smacks against your bare, exposed cheeks. The pain will sting and make your eyes spring wide open in shock. Another blow and you will kick your legs.

“LIE STILL” she will shout “DON’T MOVE”
as more and more blows rain down on your buttocks from her open-topped hand, you will feel your eyes watering and you will probably instinctively put a hand up to protect yourself but she will simply grab your wrist and twist your arm up your back to keep it out of her way and continue your spanking as you yelp like a pathetic little boy or she will restrain you in bondage and restraints.

Who knows how many spanks you will get or how long it will last. But it will not end until she is satisfied you have been suitably punished and then you will think twice before doing whatever it was you did to make her cross in the first place. Most live Mistresses will make a slave who has just been spanked go and look at themselves in the mirror after a severe spanking. Standing looking at themselves naked and with tear-stained faces and a crimson rear end is effective after punishment as it reminds the sub that there are consequences to insubordination and is an effective mental image for him to keep for the next time he thinks it ok to step out of line.

After looking at the sobbing, tear-stained mess he is, 9 times out of 10 he will then be made to go and stand with his nose in the corner and his hands on his head. This serves two purposes. The first is to give him a chance to reflect on his behaviour and what just happened. To think on just WHY he needed to be spanked and why he made his superior women have to punish him.

The second reason is the humiliation of his burning, bright red bum cheeks being on full display as she sits and reads a magazine to calm down or puts her hand in the cold water as it will also be stinging.
There are dozens of online Mistress cams Dommes who appreciate the effectiveness of a deeply humiliating spanking webcam session. Taking a subby back to feeling like a naughty little boy. Obviously, by using live femdom cam, the actual spanking cannot physically take place.

But it can be just as effective by sitting with a Dominatrix as she tells you all about how she would do it and explains in detail what would happen. She will also show you her collection of hair brushes and floggers etc that she uses. Live spanking webcams is as real as it gets and you will practically be able to feel every stroke and the sense of shame that comes with it.
So if you are an unruly sub or you have been naughty and need to be punished, go to an online femdom webcams site and let one of the Dommes show you EXACTLY how they deal with naughty little boys

Sissies Humiliated on Cam

SIssies Humiliated on live cam By Cruel Mistresses

femdom capti

Our humiliated sissy cam girls below

Sissy Cam Shows Here

_Afraid to get caught in such a state!_






Humiliating sissies online

This is without a doubt something Mistresses enjoy doing, nothing beats turning a slave into a girly girl or a slutty diva, moulding them to be whatever you want from being your maid to being a form of income for the owner by making the sissy slut go out cock sucking and finding punters.

Sissy degradation is something I as a Mistress have long enjoyed, whether it be forced feminization, forced bisexuality, or just dressing them up to look ridiculous so as everyone can take pictures and videos and laugh at them. No matter what the scenario, our Online women will have something in store for you.

Find  mistress to train you now

We enjoy getting our girls dressed in stockings, high heels, suspenders, tight very short slutty mini skirt, tight bra and a light coloured low cut blouse, we then ensure they have a ladies wig on and apply some makeup. If the bitch is on her period we ensure she has a tampon in and the little string is visible under her skirt. She will be made to wear bright red gloss and stand to pose for her pictures and videos which are usually uploaded online for all to see. In our live strictbdsm cams

public humiliation, sissy humiliated in public, outside humiliation

Sissy Humiliated in Public

Jamima the slut, this little bitch was dressed up to look ridiculous in this pink outfit and then paraded outside in a public place, cars tooted the horn at her as she “giggled and got so excited” We enjoyed her public disgrace and embarrassing her in front of people walking past

sissy spanking, spanking chats

sissy spanked hard

This naughty girl was dressed up as a dirty schoolgirl and was spanked hard because she was disobedient, she was put over my knee for a proper Over the knee spanking then caned whilst standing against the wall, pictures were taken and videos and she was paraded online for all to see. This humiliated little slut knows her place is to always obey and worship her superiors at all times.

Sissy Training School

All sissies should report to a training school where you will be provided with lessons on how to become the proper bitch and girl for your Mistress, trainer, owner or Goddess.

Behaviour Rules:

  • Respect, worship and obey Mistress at all times
  • Address your owner properly
  • Do all chores, tasks that have been assigned to you.
  • Learn to curtsy, walk, dress and apply makeup

Fun ways to humiliate your sissy


  • No sexual play unless granted by Mistress
  • If in a chastity a contract will be signed and agreed by you
  • You will meet your owners needs first at all times.
  • You have no say
  • Your Goddess may unlock you whenever she wants to milk you and ruin your orgasm – You have no say

Day to day training skills

  • Become a proper girl sissy
  • Wear sexy lingerie
  • Find Alpha Males
  • Worship them
  • Drain their cum
  • Make real men Happy

Your main sexual pleasure is your sissy pussy, you will have your ass ready and open for when Mistress decides to use her strapon on it, you will wear butt plugs, take hormone tablets and have a period just like every other female.

sissy cams, sissy humiliated, sissificationlive

sissy humiliated – sissification stories

On her time of the month, this diva-like any other sissywhore must have her period and be paraded, she is humiliated, belittled and degraded and made to wear a tampon for 5 days. This is what happens when you become one of our bitches, You are totally degraded to the highest extent before proper training starts.

We have amazing sissie cuckold stories, pictures and information on this blog as well as on our Tumblr so do keep checking back for more and more of our pictures and humiliation stories of our sissification fun that we have on a daily basis.

We have also trained some of our girls to become Mistresses and femdoms, as well as turning them into fully-fledged shemales and trannies and making them work online on webcam. Some of them are forced into chastity and some of them are blackmailed. If you are ready to begin your online training then step inside the femdoms rooms and begin your fetish journey into the world of how we exploit, degrade, belittle, embarrass, humiliate, laugh at our dirty little cum eating, cumbanks and slut dumps.

sissy exposed cams, sissy humiliated live

sissy exposed- Online humiliation live

We enjoy exposing these bitches, letting the world see just how nasty they really are, are you ready to be exposed? Come on humiliate me we are bitches and we need to be brought down a peg or two.

Our dirty little fags need this exposure, they need to be seen by the world, they can be sold on to other femdoms, We have tranny sissy and nasty little cuckolds who we abuse regularly.

We also enjoy turning them into our maids and foot worshippers and training them to be proper ladies and making them attend finishing school.

These dirty little bitches are taught how to wank their pussy and how to keep their trainer happy at all times if they disobey they are punished by their owner in many different forms

cock and ball torture

Over knee spanking, caning, paddling and whipping

Cock and ass Milking


Anal violation

and many other forms of discipline, some of them are gagged, restrained in bondage gear and put into a cage, no eye contact is allowed, they can not go to the toilet unless they have begged to their owner’s satisfaction.


Hot Mistresses In Latex On Webcam

femdom webcm chat rooms

horny lady wearing black shiny pvc outfit on live cam

Sexy Mistresses wearing latex shiny clothing in webcam chats

chat live with fetish webcam models now

Click here to chat to Latex Mistresses on Cam


rubber fetish webcams

your sexy domme on webcam in rubber outfit

Our online chat hosts love to wear short dresses, tight trousers and low-cut rubber clothing while in a live webcam show with you. If you enjoy watching hot ladies wearing fetish clothes or live strict bdsm cams.  has many fetishists willing to do anything you want, from wearing leather, PVC to wearing satin and silk

sexy girl wearing latex cat suit on live webcam

horny females in fetish clothes online

Our gorgeous ladies enjoy dressing up and overpowering their weak male/female slaves as well as humiliating their sisies and belittling and degrading, forcing them to suck cocks or lick cum off their tight shiny creaking outfits.

latex fetish cams, smoking fetish chat

sexy women in a tight black shiny catsuit

This hot lady loves to wear her tight catsuit which is always low cut to show off her cleavage, teasing and dominating you as she smokes her cigarette and blows the smoke at you. If you have a fetish for smoking?

Mention BDSM and the first thing anyone thinks of is a woman in leather. It is a bit of a cliché that all dominatrix’s wear leather while whipping a guy chained to a wall. But when it comes to BDSM and fetish wear, the most common type of clothing is actually latex.
I mean, just take a look at the pictures above. You can see why this would be a favourite of any guy who wishes to submit to a superior woman. Look at the way the material hugs every curve of her body. It perfectly illustrates how hot she is and how sexy she is.

For lots of submissive guys, a hot girl wearing latex on webcam is the ideal way for them to be reminded that they can never get a woman like this. That sexy females such as this are WAY out of their league and the best they can hope for is that she at least acknowledges them.
To be in a live femdom webcam session and hear the creak of the material as it moves and shifts against her body is enough to have any guy rock hard in seconds.

It does for me anyway. To hear a hot Mistress in latex move is the ultimate thrill. I love listening as she walks. Hearing the creak and that unique sound it makes as she storms over to get an implement of torture is a thrill in itself. And I love when she is up close to the screen, so close I can almost smell the fabric. I close my eyes and I practically CAN smell it. I breathe in and imagine that one off aroma gliding through my nostrils and I inhale deeply.
I also adore the way it clings to a Mistress’s body. The way it highlights every curve and serves to illustrate just how sexy and perfect her figure is. The tight material clinging to her and the way you can practically imagine what she looks like naked as it is so tight.
All guys love women in tight clothing and it does not come much tighter than the likes of rubber. I remember a few years ago I was watching a photographer taking pictures of a model in fetish wear. All tight rubber and such like and I hear them talking about all the places you can buy such items of clothes. Places like Ann Summers, Victoria secrets and not to mention any of the number of xxx rated sex shops you get in every major city.

All the clothes, sex toys, gags, blindfolds etc. It really brought it home to me just how much no one really knows what people get up to in the privacy of their own bedrooms. You see ordinary looking mom and pop walking around the supermarket or at the mall and you have no idea that when the lights go out and it is “play time” that she dons a skin-tight plastic dress while he kneels on the floor in a submissive position. It really makes you think about the popularity of these types of shops and just what do your neighbours get up to. The art of human behaviour is a truly marvellous thing!
But for single people or guys with partners who are not “in to” the scene then they have the perfect place in live adult webcam. As on here, there is an almost endless selection of gorgeous women who all look amazing in tight clothing. You can have them all for as long as you want and to see them parade up and down, bend over and show you everything you dreamed of will completely and utterly blow your mind. They will make all your dreams come true and then some!

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Strict Domme Gina is a cruel, strict, ruthless female who enjoys the world of strict bdsm cams , she enjoys spanking, whipping, flogging and humiliation in her live sessions. She is also a financial dominatrix who loves to milk pay pigs

There are different types of submissive males. Some are genuinely submissive and will automatically follow orders and do exactly as they are told. But some are untrained. They are slightly submissive but not enough to be called proper slaves.

They resist commands if to humiliating and stare down their superiors tops, ogling their breasts etc. It is not on and they need to teach the proper way to behave. And there are the perfect dominant females online to deal with these sorts of “subs”. They need a strict Mistress on cam who will keep them in hand and who does not tolerate any kind of disobedience or backchat and who will hand out punishments for insubordination in a swift, brutal and effective manner. And the live female domination bondage webcam sites have dozens of these exact types of women available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
It takes a certain kind of superior female to handle wayward slaves. She needs to be strong-willed, naturally dominant and possesses the natural belief that female IS the superior sex. And the females online all possess these traits. They actually enjoy taking these kinds of men and bringing them down a peg or two. When you log into one of their live fem-dom cams rooms, you are entering their domain where they rule with an iron fist. They accept no substitutes and nothing but complete and utter obedience will suffice. I know, because I was once a “pretend” sub but now have been moulded and broken into a “proper” submissive with respect for my betters at all times.
It began for me when my original Mistress told me she would not accept me as a slave anymore because I was always trying to talk her out of making me do whatever it was she wanted. Things like wearing women’s panties or putting a butt plug up my ass. I always resisted these and tried to sweet talk my way out of having to do them. So eventually she got fed up and told me I wasn’t a proper slave and disowned me.
While searching for another Mistress, I happened across strict mistress cams and thought it was as good a place as any to find a new “owner”.

So I entered and selected one of the Dommes. Straight away I knew I was in the best place for me. She was wearing a low-cut rubber top and her long dark hair was tied back in a high ponytail. I was mesmerised by her cleavage and couldn’t take my eyes off it. What were they? DD’s? 36’s I think. No, maybe even 38. Wow. Amazing. Then my thought process was interrupted.
“Get your eyes off. NOW.”
I looked at her face and she was NOT impressed. I was instantly humbled and shocked by her tone. My other Mistress never spoke like that in such a sharp tone. But this was no ordinary dominant. She was a strict, no-nonsense superior female. And boy was I about to know it. Over the course of the next few weeks, she never EVER allowed me to do anything other than what she demanded. As soon as I tried to talk my way out of it and into doing something else she increased the punishment and made the tasks she set me that bit more difficult. It ranged from
– Licking the toilet seat clean
– Wearing women’s underwear
– Sucking a dildo and giving it a blowjob
– Tongue shining the soles of all my shoes
– Spending an hour kneeling on the floor while she ignores me and
– Standing in my garden naked
These are just a few of the humiliating things she has made me do as her way of training me to behave and to accept my role in life. I did not even know I needed a strict Mistress like this till I found one. And she has taken me and moulded me into the slave she wants and deserves and now I meekly surrender to her and do whatever she tells me without question. This is the power of the female dominants online who deal with all the submissive men who are not actually submissive but think they are.
They take them and like expert horse trainers, they break them and then put them back together the way they should be. Properly respectful to their superior females and doing what they are told without question at all times.
It is without a doubt the best place for wayward slaves to go as without the proper guidance, they can just meander through life thinking they are subservient but are not really. They need the strict control and dominance of a superior, mean bitch on webcam to keep them in check.


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