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The biggest problem any financial domination Mistress faces when a slave comes to them for findom is the wannabes. The guys who say all the right things about wanting to be ruined and left broke but then the second they have cum they click the exit button and leave. That is no use to any serious Mistresses who want a cash cow.


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She deserves the luxury and pampered life paid for by a proper sub who will follow through on what they talk about, not who will disappear the second he has shot his bolt.
That is why any dominatrix online prefers to include some fantasy blackmail scenario when they get asked for findom cams sessions.

Ready to be drained slave? Financial Domination starts with the click of a mouse

This allows her to get you when you are at your most weak and vulnerable and she can manipulate you into handing over all sorts of information that she can use to threaten you with and use against you so you can not just disappear once you have had your kick. Things like
– Wife/Girlfriends name
– Partners call number
– Partners work number
– Home address
– Home landline number
– Friends names and cell numbers
– Other family member’s names and addresses
– Any other personal information deemed pertinent

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Once she has this information, she has you right where she wants you. Now you are her own personal human atm. Her paypig to extort and get money from to fund her lavish lifestyle. You have no choice but to hand over every single cent she demands otherwise a phone call to your wife will take place telling her all about her pathetic, snivelling little husband. Our online BDSM cams

Or she might instead get you to pose for pictures dressed as a sissy maid or in a pair of bra and panties. Maybe she will have you holding a sign saying you are a cum guzzling faggot or even record you with another mans dick in your mouth. It does not really matter at the end of the day because the end result will be the same. Humiliating money slaves

You will no longer have the option to get your rocks off then leave without following through on everything you promised and giving over all your money. You will be her own personal toy that she can bounce around whenever she feels bored. If she wants
– A manicure
– A tennis bracelet
– Lingerie for her real man loves to enjoy
– A meal at an expensive restaurant
– A night out with her friends
– Expensive champagne for her night out

Or whatever, all she has to do is tell you how much she wants and you need to pay it and like all financial slavery, It will leave you without enough to survive on yourself. Not that she will care obviously.

Your lack of money for food or heating is of no concern to her. It is not her problem. If you need to go out and work three jobs and spend your every waking moment working to pay for her lifestyle then that is what you will need to do. You are her human atm and your sole responsibility is to make sure she is always comfortable and looked after and has enough money for whatever she wants. More Mistress cams here

Financial domination is an area of BDSM that is heavily saturated with wannabes and guys who talk a good game but never follow through but by utilising some blackmail femdom the Mistress can ensure that you have no choice but to submit to her and do whatever she tells you to do. Any female dominant who uses financial domination has no interest in time-wasters or losers who think $20 is enough. For her time and attention, you need to be serious and willing to do anything she says.

So open your wallet and dust off your credit card. It is going to be busy. Get ready for your life to change forever as there mean bitches on cam are no-nonsense and will ruin you for no reason other than they can.

Financial Domination

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So what is Financial Domination all about then?

There are lots of guys out there who could never get the attention of a gorgeous, model type woman. You can see them in bars and clubs trying to chat them up but she is so disinterested it is actually embarrassing to watch and when she tells them to get lost and he slinks away embarrassed it is wince induwince-inducing

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Guys like this can never get a gorgeous woman to even look at them or give them the time of day never mind a kiss or sleep with them.

They give these girls the creeps and sometimes you can almost see her throw up in her mouth at the thought. However, there IS a way for these sorts of males to have a Barbie doll sex goddess acknowledge them.

It is through financial domination webcams and on these websites there are dozens of superior, demanding women who will drain you and use you for every last penny they can get from you. They do not care if you have no money left for food, heating, electricity or to get to work. If you need to get a second or even a third job then that is what you will have to do.

Some people would relate to this as being a fetish they have  and usually, it goes hand in hand with mean bitches, greedy bitches and spoiled brats, financial domination can be seen as an expensive online fetish

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Pay Pigs Know they must always pay up to their superior females

Girls like the ones you lust after and dream about will not entertain the likes of you. Dweebs and pathetic little wannabe real men like you are of no interest to them in a relationship sense. The only thing they want from you is money. Cold hard cash is the only way to get her to pay you any attention so open your wallet and get your credit card out paypig because she is going to use you like her own personal human atm and spend every penny you have.

She will make you go deep into debt to keep her happy and will not give you a second thought about how broke you are or how close to bankruptcy you might become.
Guys like you do not deserve women like this. Sure, you might want to date them but they do not want to date you. But they will use you to fund the lifestyle these spoiled, pampered Princesses deserve. They use live findom cams online to allow pathetic weak degraded losers like you the chance to be granted some of their attention. It is the best way for them to snare as many losers as possible. These spoiled Dommes do not give a shit about you.
– They deserve their luxury cars, you deserve to get the bus
– They deserve expensive wine, you deserve tap water
– They deserve lobster and steak, you deserve beans on toast
– They deserve to lie on and relax, you deserve to get up for work at 4 am
– They deserve fine clothes, you deserve to pay for it.
These financial domination cams babes will have you paying for everything online. Sexy lingerie for when they fuck their real man boyfriends, ankle bracelets, clothes from the top boutiques and luxury top floor apartments. And YOU are going to foot the bill. If she wants a Chinese delivered, you’re paying. If she sees a tennis bracelet she wants, your coughing up the green. They will despise you but will tolerate you to get the money from you that you will willingly cough up just to have them talk to you, even if it is only to throw insults at you. A pay pig is all you are good for and they will take full advantage.

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So get on to financial domination webcam and get your credit card out you little human atm because you’re going to need it

Honk – piggy!!! Cashcow, money slave, financial ruin and drained wallets are all words that spring to mind when it comes to these live sessions. Pay your CUM TAX   to Mistress now.

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