Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish

Glossy lips stain on cigarette butts not only make women look and feel powerful but are now a massive fetish for many men. Today, live porn is not the only thing a man pays to watch; live smoking fetish cams are all the rage! A sexy woman inhaling and exhaling smoke on webcam is enough to make men quiver and cum!

The act of a woman wearing nothing but sexy lingerie either leaning on a bedpost or sitting on a bar stool, legs crossed, wearing heels and pulling on a cigarette butt taking long sexy puffs is what many men long for and this is why this one of the most popular requests online in a video chat session.

Smoking Fetish Cams

The smoking fetish as it is known has many men achieve sexual stimulation. The way dolled up girls, wearing thick makeup and juicy lips that stains their cigarette butts with each drag is not only alluring but sends sexual vibes down to the groins of many men

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Live Fetish

Live fetish via webcam is a huge turn on to many members and fetishists they go on their computer and to watch hot cam girls who are his favourites. These hosts love how members tell her to behave while he beats his meat away watching her smoke and drag slowly creating huge puffs of thick strong smelling smoke these guys jerk that cock hard watching these hot females teasing

Our cam sessions are full of kinky open-minded girls who love to show off their huge big tits as they smoke or rub their sexy feet and toes they come into a session wearing nothing but long stockings and 6-inch heels. To tease horny members, she will walk in, smile and stare into the camera, apply red hot lipstick and play with her nipples to appease her super horny fans

After they get aroused, he then instructs her to either stand by the window or sit on the couch in a sexy pose, pull a fag from the packet of cigarettes laying in front of her and proceed to light one up.

She will Slowly start inhaling the smoke and exhale out slowly, for some reason this is what makes guys get off! Watching a big boobed lady drag on a cigarette while playing with her knockers!

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For some men, girls wearing sexy clothing such as a hot sexy nurse’s or French maid uniform and even naughty police uniform and smoking is all they need. Sam says whenever he watches a lady cop in their police shirt and wearing her cap light up a cigarette makes him get off.

The thought that a lady cop is breaking the law and does it so sexy with the long puffs, staring into the camera is all he cares for.

Is smoking fetish your thing? Are you curious about smoking fetish cams and are you happy to watch some on our site? Let us know…

These are some of the kinkiest girls giving the dirtiest sessions online, staining that cigarette as she licks her lips and blows the smoke directly at you. These are strong females who like control, they love to be in charge and even use you as a human ashtray. Yes, she will demand you get on your knees open your mouth and inhale her smoke she will them proceed to flick her ash into your mouth.

Dominatrix on Webcam

We have a list of top dominatrix’s who all enjoy fetishes, they enjoy control and being powerful and smoking and blowing smoke at you makes them feel very strong. Do you want to visit our dominatrix cams? Then click the link and go visit and start your slave training online today. These women will train and mould you into what they want you to be. Their long nails holding the ciggie her tapping at the end of it so the ash will fall off as she stares you in the eye.


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No matter who you are or what you do in life, I guarantee you have a fetish for something. Everyone does. For some, it is the simple things like women smoking or female feet or ass or fingernails. For others its slightly more out there for things like leather, tattoos, PVC or rubber. And some people like the truly away from the norm things like the colour yellow, socks or hair over face. The point is, it does not matter what it is. Because someone has a “thing” for it.
Me personally, I have a desire to watch women smoking. It baffles me why this turns me on and gets me going because I am a non-smoker myself and have never even tried one cigarette. But the second I see women light up I am instantly mesmerised and lost in a trance as I watch her take puffs of her cigarette.

It has always been with me for as long as I can remember. And with this particular fetish, like so many, I could have my fill of it anytime I wanted as there are always females smoking where ever you look. But I found that I was spending so much time trying not to look like I was looking, I was actually not seeing very much of the activity. So much so that I barely got a chance to enjoy it.

So what is a guy to do? Well, I discovered chats sites which are online websites with one to one interaction with gorgeous women who are all experts at taking some one’s fantasy and desire and bringing it to life.
In my case, all I had to do was find a girl who smoked and I was off and running. Every day I used to daydream about the session I would have that night. Logging on and seeing her with bright red glossy lips. Watching them move as she talked to me, imagining the cig hanging there. The thought of a long, white ciggie hanging from them would get ANY guy rock hard in no time!

I loved watching as she slowly and absentmindedly yet purposefully reached for the packet and looked at me with a glint in her eye as she took a cigarette from the stack and slowly opened her mouth and put the cig in between them. She always did it nice and slow. She knows this is what gets me off and it certainly worked with me! She always smiled as she flicked her lighter and brought it up to her lips and everything always went into slow motion for me at this point. Ever seen a movie where it goes to slow motion right before something big happens? Watching the fag get lit and then the loud ‘click’ as the lighter is snapped shut? Well, that is what it feels like when she lights up.

To see her take a huge drag and then blow that sweet smoke out and into the air always has me closing my eyes and inhaling as if I can smell it hanging in the air. It never fails to get me going and it is why I always use the fetish webcam sites for my kink.
And it works perfectly for the harder to find fetishes as well. Take balloons for example. There are a ton of guys out there who have a thing for balloons. The smell. The squeaky noise they make when rubbed. Watching a sexy girl rub them all over her body and hearing the noise and seeing them bend. It turns a lot of guys on. And most online girls will keep a stack of balloons because they know they will occasionally get asked if they have any. It is much more common than you think.
And it is perfect for submissive guys who are into BDSM Cams Most guys who enjoy this usually have it coupled with a lust for leather, PVC, rubber, feet, ass or whatever. So by using an online site, they can have it all combined in the one place. All dominant females know that to make a slave truly submissive, you give him what makes him weak. And if that is a low cut PVC top then that is exactly what they will get. The female dominants will always tease and deny.

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They know how weak it gets men and how much the guys will give as they are powerless to resist. It is a Mistresses most powerful tool and they use it to their full advantage.
But this is just a few of the fetishes covered by the girls online. They are all experts in the art of satisfying guy’s desires and whatever it is that gets you off, they can do it for you.

They know exactly how to fulfil the fantasies of guys and precisely how to make all their fetish needs be met. So do not strain your self-trying to get your kicks out in the open. You will not get anywhere near the enjoyment you will get by going online and having women do it who is dedicated to doing EXACTLY what gets you off for as long as you want!

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Ready to have your biggest fantasy played out live to you on webcam? Ready to have hot sexy females teasing you and shaking their ass in your face and demanding you worship and adore it before the queen you by sitting on your face? If so then get yourself into the live rooms now and see for yourself just how amazing these hot babes really are.