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Ready for some hot sexy tootsies to drool over on cam? Then check out these hot babes below in a live webcam room waiting to tease you live online. Our ladies enjoy foot domination and humiliation as well as smother, crush and bare tootsie games.

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There is a fetish for absolutely EVERYTHING in the world. No matter what it is, you can be 100% safe in the assumption there is someone somewhere who gets off on it. There are some truly bizarre fetishes out there, for things like bricks, the colour yellow or even the sky. But one of the most popular and common types of desire is for women’s feet.

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It is, without doubt, one of the things that most guys get turned on by. The famous movie director Quentin Tarantino is a self-confessed foot fetishist. It is evident in all his movies just how much this turns him on. Anyone who has seen from dusk till dawn, in particular, will know the scene with Salma Hayek where she puts her foot in his mouth and he drinks Tequila from her toes. There are elements of his love for feminine feet in all his movies and this shows how far and wide this particular “kink” can stretch.

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There are many ways in which the female foot can turn guys on. For some, it is just the way they look. The soft, untouched skin of the upper sole and the dainty little toes. For some they like the toenails painted bright colours and maybe with a little silver toe ring adorning one or more toes.

Lots of guys like the arch of the soles. The way it transcends upwards and the wrinkles as she walks. And then there are guys like me. Submissive males who worship women’s feet as a show of subservience.
When you think of BDSM, most people’s first thought is of a $1000 an hour Dominatrix in leather tying a guy to a cross and whipping him. But this is a common misconception by vanilla people who don’t know the first thing about female domination and male subservience.

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Because the most common aspect of femdom is, and always will be, foot worship.

Think about it. What better way for a superior female to exert her power over the lesser male than by forcing him to worship, kiss, lick and adore the lowest part of her body?

The part that she uses to walk on the dirty ground or is all sweaty from being in her boots all day? Me personally, I have a fetish for painted toenails and anytime I see a woman with bright nails, my dick instantly begins to grow! Honestly, it is like torture as I can not look away and my cock throbs.

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Sexy Pink Painted toenails online fetish

Usually, I will always dash straight home and log on to a live femdom cams site where there are dozens of online Mistress Dommes who all have delicious feet I can beg to wank to.

I love going online and having them wiggle their toes and parade their naked soles in front of me, ordering me to lick them and worship them. I go to a state of euphoria right there and then as I see their tootsies right up close in all their glory. All the live female domination webcam Mistresses know how weak it makes slaves with fetishes and they love to use it to their advantage and manipulate these guys into doing their bidding and making them nothing more than silly little puppets, dancing at the end of a string.

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Sexy Sabrina Lust showing her gorgeous red painted toenails

All the cams dominatrix I visit know all about my weakness and will always be barefooted and sit with their feet on the desk as I sit mesmerised. They love how it makes me squirm and how pathetic I must look as I struggle to hold a conversation with their gorgeous feet so close I can almost smell them.
For some slaves, they like to see their Goddess glistening with sweat and maybe with bits of dirt on them. Imagine how humiliating t would be to lick her feet clean as they are stinky and sweaty from the boots she has been walking in all day? And to suck each of her toes as the salty sweat and bits of grime rub the slave’s tongue and remind him of just how far beneath this mean bitches superiority he really is. For many subs, this is the ultimate form of the power switch and is the most common way to prove they know they belong at the feet of a superior woman.
Anyone with this particular fetish knows the problems faced in everyday life, especially in the summer months. Dozens of females everywhere you look and most are either barefoot or wearing open-toed sandals or flip-flops. All these delicious tootsies so close and unable to touch and caress them is torture! Trying to look and stare but not get caught is an art in itself but you spend so much time trying to look like you are NOT looking then you end up not enjoying the glimpses that you DO get.
SO the best place to have your fill is on webcam where there are dozens of females who are all more than willing to display their wares for guys like us and fulfil all our fantasies.

They love it when guys compliment them on how sexy their feet are and how much it turns them on.
So do not risk voyeurism in public. Go to an online website or blog that has pictures and profiles that caters for feet fetishists like us and you can have everything you ever dreamed for as long as you could want.

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