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Pig1 Meet Matt another slave pig of ours who has maxed his cards now and gives his Owner his wages every 2 weeks. He knows he is a loser money slave, and he must pay cum tax if he ever wants relief. He works to pay Mistress and her bills as well as buy sexy lingerie for her boyfriends — Loser!

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Sissy who was fined £300 for glancing at his Owner and  Greedy Mistress without permission. Never have eye contact with a Financial Mistress unless she has given permission to look at her…

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Money slave? Well, this useless joke only had this amount of money left in his bank account and to be honest it would not even cover the cost of my nails!! Pathetic is not even the word for this loser. He was restrained in a latex body bag on live bdsm cams and the money placed on top of him, as well as his cock and balls having electro stimulation around them and on at the highest level. Next time I demand more or I tell your wife!

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Oh yes, you are indeed and you know it! You belong to the BANK OF MISTRESS and every dime you have comes directly to me. You are given a budget for losers and are not allowed any more tv, radio, or nice foods no luxuries. This will be monitored as per your slave contract and if you fail. The letter we wrote your wife with the pictures will be posted to her and online to facebook