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Humiliating sissies online

This is without a doubt something Mistresses enjoy doing, nothing beats turning a slave into a girly girl or a slutty diva, moulding them to be whatever you want from being your maid to being a form of income for the owner by making the sissy slut go out cock sucking and finding punters.

Sissy degradation is something I as a Mistress have long enjoyed, whether it be forced feminization, forced bisexuality, or just dressing them up to look ridiculous so as everyone can take pictures and videos and laugh at them. No matter what the scenario, our Online women will have something in store for you.

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We enjoy getting our girls dressed in stockings, high heels, suspenders, tight very short slutty mini skirt, tight bra and a light coloured low cut blouse, we then ensure they have a ladies wig on and apply some makeup. If the bitch is on her period we ensure she has a tampon in and the little string is visible under her skirt. She will be made to wear bright red gloss and stand to pose for her pictures and videos which are usually uploaded online for all to see. In our live strictbdsm cams

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Sissy Humiliated in Public

Jamima the slut, this little bitch was dressed up to look ridiculous in this pink outfit and then paraded outside in a public place, cars tooted the horn at her as she “giggled and got so excited” We enjoyed her public disgrace and embarrassing her in front of people walking past

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This naughty girl was dressed up as a dirty schoolgirl and was spanked hard because she was disobedient, she was put over my knee for a proper Over the knee spanking then caned whilst standing against the wall, pictures were taken and videos and she was paraded online for all to see. This humiliated little slut knows her place is to always obey and worship her superiors at all times.

Sissy Training School

All sissies should report to a training school where you will be provided with lessons on how to become the proper bitch and girl for your Mistress, trainer, owner or Goddess.

Behaviour Rules:

  • Respect, worship and obey Mistress at all times
  • Address your owner properly
  • Do all chores, tasks that have been assigned to you.
  • Learn to curtsy, walk, dress and apply makeup

Fun ways to humiliate your sissy


  • No sexual play unless granted by Mistress
  • If in a chastity a contract will be signed and agreed by you
  • You will meet your owners needs first at all times.
  • You have no say
  • Your Goddess may unlock you whenever she wants to milk you and ruin your orgasm – You have no say

Day to day training skills

  • Become a proper girl sissy
  • Wear sexy lingerie
  • Find Alpha Males
  • Worship them
  • Drain their cum
  • Make real men Happy

Your main sexual pleasure is your sissy pussy, you will have your ass ready and open for when Mistress decides to use her strapon on it, you will wear butt plugs, take hormone tablets and have a period just like every other female.

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On her time of the month, this diva-like any other sissywhore must have her period and be paraded, she is humiliated, belittled and degraded and made to wear a tampon for 5 days. This is what happens when you become one of our bitches, You are totally degraded to the highest extent before proper training starts.

We have amazing sissie cuckold stories, pictures and information on this blog as well as on our Tumblr so do keep checking back for more and more of our pictures and humiliation stories of our sissification fun that we have on a daily basis.

We have also trained some of our girls to become Mistresses and femdoms, as well as turning them into fully-fledged shemales and trannies and making them work online on webcam. Some of them are forced into chastity and some of them are blackmailed. If you are ready to begin your online training then step inside the femdoms rooms and begin your fetish journey into the world of how we exploit, degrade, belittle, embarrass, humiliate, laugh at our dirty little cum eating, cumbanks and slut dumps.

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sissy exposed- Online humiliation live

We enjoy exposing these bitches, letting the world see just how nasty they really are, are you ready to be exposed? Come on humiliate me we are bitches and we need to be brought down a peg or two.

Our dirty little fags need this exposure, they need to be seen by the world, they can be sold on to other femdoms, We have tranny sissy and nasty little cuckolds who we abuse regularly.

We also enjoy turning them into our maids and foot worshippers and training them to be proper ladies and making them attend finishing school.

These dirty little bitches are taught how to wank their pussy and how to keep their trainer happy at all times if they disobey they are punished by their owner in many different forms

cock and ball torture

Over knee spanking, caning, paddling and whipping

Cock and ass Milking


Anal violation

and many other forms of discipline, some of them are gagged, restrained in bondage gear and put into a cage, no eye contact is allowed, they can not go to the toilet unless they have begged to their owner’s satisfaction.