Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish

Glossy lips stain on cigarette butts not only make women look and feel powerful but are now a massive fetish for many men. Today, live porn is not the only thing a man pays to watch; live smoking fetish cams are all the rage! A sexy woman inhaling and exhaling smoke on webcam is enough to make men quiver and cum!

The act of a woman wearing nothing but sexy lingerie either leaning on a bedpost or sitting on a bar stool, legs crossed, wearing heels and pulling on a cigarette butt taking long sexy puffs is what many men long for and this is why this one of the most popular requests online in a video chat session.

Smoking Fetish Cams

The smoking fetish as it is known has many men achieve sexual stimulation. The way dolled up girls, wearing thick makeup and juicy lips that stains their cigarette butts with each drag is not only alluring but sends sexual vibes down to the groins of many men

sexy smoking fetish


Live Fetish

Live fetish via webcam is a huge turn on to many members and fetishists they go on their computer and to watch hot cam girls who are his favourites. These hosts love how members tell her to behave while he beats his meat away watching her smoke and drag slowly creating huge puffs of thick strong smelling smoke these guys jerk that cock hard watching these hot females teasing

Our cam sessions are full of kinky open-minded girls who love to show off their huge big tits as they smoke or rub their sexy feet and toes they come into a session wearing nothing but long stockings and 6-inch heels. To tease horny members, she will walk in, smile and stare into the camera, apply red hot lipstick and play with her nipples to appease her super horny fans

After they get aroused, he then instructs her to either stand by the window or sit on the couch in a sexy pose, pull a fag from the packet of cigarettes laying in front of her and proceed to light one up.

She will Slowly start inhaling the smoke and exhale out slowly, for some reason this is what makes guys get off! Watching a big boobed lady drag on a cigarette while playing with her knockers!

Girls Smoking on Webcam

For some men, girls wearing sexy clothing such as a hot sexy nurse’s or French maid uniform and even naughty police uniform and smoking is all they need. Sam says whenever he watches a lady cop in their police shirt and wearing her cap light up a cigarette makes him get off.

The thought that a lady cop is breaking the law and does it so sexy with the long puffs, staring into the camera is all he cares for.

Is smoking fetish your thing? Are you curious about smoking fetish cams and are you happy to watch some on our site? Let us know…

These are some of the kinkiest girls giving the dirtiest sessions online, staining that cigarette as she licks her lips and blows the smoke directly at you. These are strong females who like control, they love to be in charge and even use you as a human ashtray. Yes, she will demand you get on your knees open your mouth and inhale her smoke she will them proceed to flick her ash into your mouth.

Dominatrix on Webcam

We have a list of top dominatrix’s who all enjoy fetishes, they enjoy control and being powerful and smoking and blowing smoke at you makes them feel very strong. Do you want to visit our dominatrix cams? Then click the link and go visit and start your slave training online today. These women will train and mould you into what they want you to be. Their long nails holding the ciggie her tapping at the end of it so the ash will fall off as she stares you in the eye.


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