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Told how to wank and when to wank and how fast to chug can be exciting but also humiliating. Join us on the journey and lifestyle into Jerk off the play, learn what it is, how to do it, what’s involved and much more.

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Sissy hand down her panties being the slut and doing as ordered by her owner. This is her carrying out her orgasm control/ wanking instructions. She had an audience with Mistress and her friend and was made to stroke for us on and off all day long.

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Wanking Instructions online cam show

That’s it useless one, jerk that little dick, make us all laugh, you’re pathetic, now wank it faster!! Did I say you could stop? If you do not do as we say we will put these electros on you for the rest of the day. Wank harder, make it red, we want to milk you. Orgasm control, cum denial and ruined orgasm are on the menu for you loser.

  • live webcam mistresses  are waiting to control your pleasure
  • Our Dominas are always in control and own your cock and ball/clitty
  • The dominating, seductive, sadistic females THRIVE on ownership
  • Denial of a happy ending is our MOTTO!
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Do not ever Cross your Trainer, your Goddess your world. If I catch you wanking again I will tie it up and pin it to the ceiling. I decide if you can wank and when. Your cock will now stay tied up, red and sore and will continue to be punished for 24 hours.

Real men can wank – Sissies cannot wank unless instructed on webcam

Your a loser, you have no rights, you have no say, you have no power, your wanking experiences are over now, you are never in control of them, no more whipping it out and chugging it whenever you want, no more logging in and surfing free online porn or tube sites or looking for facesitting videos or to wank overseeing a Mistresses Pussy. No loser they days are gone. You are now the property of us and therefore that cock and ball is now our property. I hope we are being clear.

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Sissy dressed in lingerie

Sissy Lala Again caught with her hand down the front of her smelly little sweaty panties, yes she has had these particular panties on now for over 2 weeks and they smell!!! Her dribbles inside them, from when she gets excited but is told not to touch that clitty.Jerk off instructions is given by Mistress whenever Mistress can be bothered wasting her precious time with such a whore.

The jerk off instruction story/information

Every mans favourite past time is having a nice wank. It does not matter who they are or what they tell you, every guy does it. Right from the age of 13 when they get their first hard on, they are jacking off to porn or their mom’s friends or whatever gets them going. For lots of guys, it is all they want to do. And for submissive guys, it can be a living hell
For you see, all dominant females and Mistresses know exactly how much being able to wank means to a guy. Every guy has a certain “technique” that he follows. Years of practice has allowed him to hone the perfect way to masturbate that means he gets the most satisfying orgasm possible.


But subs and slaves who enter the live femdom webcam room of a superior woman are in for a slice of hell. Because these Dommes all use to jerk off instructions (JOI) and will control how they wank, how fast, how slow, how many strokes, what hand and even what they can look at when doing it.
And if you are a submissive then imagine that. After decades of doing it how you please, think about how it will be to sit in front of a female dominant mean bitch who will tell you to start wanking. And as you start to enjoy it, she orders you to stop. Then start again. Faster, slower, start, stop. Mixing it up and laughing while you struggle till you barely know which way is up anymore. There are many ways for a femdom to control your masturbating and use it against you.
– How fast you can do it
– How slow you can do it
– How many strokes you can take
– How many fingers you can use
– Which hand you can use
– If you can only go upstrokes or down
– She might make you look at pictures of guys cocks or big fat ugly women
The point is, she controls you and she controls your pleasure. It might not sound bad, but after ten to fifteen minutes, the desire and need for orgasm will become all you can think about. And then the REAL problems begin for you. Because it is at this point that your owner will ramp up the pressure. She might
– Thrust her boobs or ass up to the screen to tease you
– Show you pictures of naked boobs
– Tell you all about the hot sex she had
Or anything else she knows that will drive you insane and make your balls tighten and your cock throb. Sometimes demanding you spank that cock hard to cause some pain as well.
Just think of the hurt you will feel as she tells you to take 10 slow strokes. How much your dick will throb at the tenth as you take your hand off. Then she tells you to take 10 downward only strokes. The torment and frustration will make your cock cry tears of pre-cum. And then she will make you wank fast. Then order you to slow down. Then use your left hand (this ALWAYS amuses Mistress’s as you fumble about trying to use your weak hand!)
For most online femdom webcam Dommes, the use of orgasm control and JOI is the most effective tool they have. The pain of a whip or clothes pins is NOTHING compared to the pain of not being allowed that one final stroke that will grant sweet relief and a satisfying orgasm. They love to turn guys minds to mush as they lose all sense of what is going on and can only blindly follow her commands. The Women dominants live to know the one golden rule to life
– Control the dick you control the man
Because when a guy is horny and desperate to cum then he becomes weak and will do ANYTHING for that release. Then the Mistress has you in the palm of her hands and can make you do anything she wants.
And it does not always end on a good note either. For real men who wank, they can prolong it and enjoy the feeling of horniness and the way it makes their member grow and throb. Because they know they will have a great, satisfying orgasm. But slaves suffering JOI do not know if they will even be allowed to ejaculate at the end. The pain and frustration of denial will not be “made up to them” by the feeling of a great orgasm.

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From Hot girls to milfs, matures black women and transgenders we all love to give you instructions live now!!!


They might be told to stop and not be given the cum command. Instead, they will be told they can not orgasm or might even be locked back in their chastity to remain frustrated.
Or even worse, picture this. For god knows how long, you have been undergoing jerk off instructions online and you are desperate to cum and feel a fantastic orgasm erupt and release all that punt up spunk in your swollen balls. She is telling you to wank faster and faster. You feel yourself about to cum and you think “Yes, finally” and RIGHT AT THE POINT OF ORGASM you hear her shout “HANDS OFF”.

You stop masturbating but your cock strains and then jerks as dribbles of cum ooze from the tip and your orgasm slips away. Unfulfilled and you feel none of the satisfaction or joy and release of a great ejaculation. She decided to give you a ruined orgasm. You were teased and tormented, controlled and used and when it finally came time for relief, it was ruined.
Such is the life of a pathetic male slave at the hands of a superior female on live femdom cam