Financial domination – Blackmail Mistress

Financial domination Mistresses online

The biggest problem any financial domination Mistress faces when a slave comes to them for findom is the wannabes. The guys who say all the right things about wanting to be ruined and left broke but then the second they have cum they click the exit button and leave. That is no use to any serious Mistresses who want a cash cow.


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She deserves the luxury and pampered life paid for by a proper sub who will follow through on what they talk about, not who will disappear the second he has shot his bolt.
That is why any dominatrix online prefers to include some fantasy blackmail scenario when they get asked for findom cams sessions.

Ready to be drained slave? Financial Domination starts with the click of a mouse

This allows her to get you when you are at your most weak and vulnerable and she can manipulate you into handing over all sorts of information that she can use to threaten you with and use against you so you can not just disappear once you have had your kick. Things like
– Wife/Girlfriends name
– Partners call number
– Partners work number
– Home address
– Home landline number
– Friends names and cell numbers
– Other family member’s names and addresses
– Any other personal information deemed pertinent

Cashcow humiliated on webcam

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Once she has this information, she has you right where she wants you. Now you are her own personal human atm. Her paypig to extort and get money from to fund her lavish lifestyle. You have no choice but to hand over every single cent she demands otherwise a phone call to your wife will take place telling her all about her pathetic, snivelling little husband. Our online BDSM cams

Or she might instead get you to pose for pictures dressed as a sissy maid or in a pair of bra and panties. Maybe she will have you holding a sign saying you are a cum guzzling faggot or even record you with another mans dick in your mouth. It does not really matter at the end of the day because the end result will be the same. Humiliating money slaves

You will no longer have the option to get your rocks off then leave without following through on everything you promised and giving over all your money. You will be her own personal toy that she can bounce around whenever she feels bored. If she wants
– A manicure
– A tennis bracelet
– Lingerie for her real man loves to enjoy
– A meal at an expensive restaurant
– A night out with her friends
– Expensive champagne for her night out

Or whatever, all she has to do is tell you how much she wants and you need to pay it and like all financial slavery, It will leave you without enough to survive on yourself. Not that she will care obviously.

Your lack of money for food or heating is of no concern to her. It is not her problem. If you need to go out and work three jobs and spend your every waking moment working to pay for her lifestyle then that is what you will need to do. You are her human atm and your sole responsibility is to make sure she is always comfortable and looked after and has enough money for whatever she wants. More Mistress cams here

Financial domination is an area of BDSM that is heavily saturated with wannabes and guys who talk a good game but never follow through but by utilising some blackmail femdom the Mistress can ensure that you have no choice but to submit to her and do whatever she tells you to do. Any female dominant who uses financial domination has no interest in time-wasters or losers who think $20 is enough. For her time and attention, you need to be serious and willing to do anything she says.

So open your wallet and dust off your credit card. It is going to be busy. Get ready for your life to change forever as there mean bitches on cam are no-nonsense and will ruin you for no reason other than they can.

bdsm cam chat

Mistress in strapon

Bdsm Cams Live

One of the most glorious sights a slave can see is his Mistress wearing a huge strap-on between her legs. Nothing is better to gaze your eyes on that a thick, 10-inch dildo strapped between her thighs just begging to be sucked or shoved up a sissy slave’s ass.

live bdsm, bdsm chat, bondage webcams

Strapon training is bdsm 101 and there is no shortage of female dominants online who will relish the chance to make you worship their cocks and make you tell them how much you admire it and how desperate you are to drop to your knees and take it in your slutty mouth or to bend over and feel it in your arse. We have lots of different bdsm equipment to show you in our dungeon cams


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By going to any femdom webcam site, there are dozens of live Mistresses and each one will have a strap-on to make your eyes water. As soon as you enter their private cam room, you will be able to see that glorious big plastic dick in all its finery. She will be sitting casually giving it a wank as she talks to you, telling you all about how she would love to be lubricating it up and getting ready to spin you around, make you grab your ankles, spread your cheeks and take her full length right up your ass hole.

The Dommes online love to explain in full detail how they will make you feel their girth and how much they enjoy the power it gives them over pathetic little sluts to pound their arse sore and make them squeal.

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Or making you get down on your knees as they push their penis right up close to the screen and have you worship it, telling them how much you want it in your mouth and how desperate you are to lick, suck and nibble it to show her how good a cock sucker you are. To bob your head back and forth as she grabs your hair and thrusts her hips and makes you gag on every inch of that dick. Many online mistresses love to lie back and spread their legs and have their dildo point straight up and you will be able to imagine riding her cowgirl style and bouncing up and down on it like the slut you are. Get ready to start training on our live BDSM cams

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There is an almost endless amount of live strapon cams girls online and they all have extensive collections of strap-ons and dildos they can use. From tiny little 2 inch ones right up to eight, nine, ten and even 12 inches and from thin to thick as a baby’s arm, there is every size and thickness you could possibly take. And with all the colours you can think of as well, you will constantly be amazed at what you can see! kinky – best chat rooms

You will be mesmerised as she sits gently fondling her huge cock and talking you through all that she would do to you and she will be able to demonstrate using blow-up dolls or fake assholes how much she would pound your hole if she got hold of you and how she would ensure you were unable to sit down or even walk straight for days after she has finished with you.

If you are a sissy, a slut or just a slave in need of strap-on training then log on to any femdom webcams site and any live Mistress there will be able to give you all that you need and deserve

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25 Sexual Fetishes Requested On Cam

Most Popular Fetishes asked for in a cam show

For all your fetish needs and whatever you need to help you get off, there are hundreds of girls online right now who are on webcam and ready to satisfy your every whim. There are so many fetishes in the world it is nigh on impossible to name them all. No matter what it is, there is somebody somewhere who gets off on it.

live fetish, fetish cams, fetish chat rooms

fetish cams, live fetish,

If you are someone who has a particular “thing” they enjoy immensely then a fetish webcams site is your ideal place to go. There is no shortage of women who are live with the sole intention of satisfying you. You can enjoy what they do without the added complication of having to reciprocate. These babes are here for your enjoyment and they focus every bit of their attention on you.

Best Fetish Cam Chat Site – Free Chat Rooms – Click Here

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boot fetish cams

So with so many things available, what are the most popular fetishes asked for on cam? Well, below we have listed the top 25 that get asked for. Taken from camgirls themselves, this list is by no means exhaustive but is a reflection of the most asked after and sought after fetish cam shows that get requested.

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22 – Sneezing
18 – BBW
6 – ANAL
1 – FEET

You can find all of these live fetish chat rooms by visiting our strict BDSM cams site at any time and checking out the girl’s profiles to see what they have to offer. Each of the cam hosts will state on their profile exactly the type of fetishes they enjoy however if your specific fetish is not mentioned then just go into the girl’s free private chat room and ask her in there if she will grant your request.

Hundreds of kinky fetish cams with discreet Kinksters

All the different fetish Cams Available

Every single one of these and much much more can be had when you go to this site. Nothing is impossible and each of the females has the experience and know-how to deliver exactly what you are craving.

You can also do combinations. For example, sissification and financial domination (findom) go perfectly together and can also incorporate splosh. As do hiccups and sneezing and stockings and panties.
If you enjoy any, some or all the things on the above list then you are far from a minority. These are the things these females get asked for the most. Multiple times a day and they have honed their skill set to deliver the ultimate cam experience.

Ready for your slave cams Online?

The dominatrix who enjoys fetish cams

All of these gorgeous dominatrix webcam chat rooms have women who enjoy what they do, you only have to ask them and they will be happy to carry out your specific fetish needs. The dominatrix cams have females from all over the world who not only roleplay on cam but also live the lifestyle and incorporate the fetish play into each session. For example, smoking while wearing fetish clothes Get ready for anal training cams here


Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish

Glossy lips stain on cigarette butts not only make women look and feel powerful but are now a massive fetish for many men. Today, live porn is not the only thing a man pays to watch; live smoking fetish cams are all the rage! A sexy woman inhaling and exhaling smoke on webcam is enough to make men quiver and cum!

The act of a woman wearing nothing but sexy lingerie either leaning on a bedpost or sitting on a barstool, legs crossed, wearing heels and pulling on a cigarette butt taking long sexy puffs is what many men long for and this is why this one of the most popular requests online in a video chat session.

Smoking Fetish Cams

The smoking fetish as it is known has many men achieve sexual stimulation. The way dolled up girls, wearing thick makeup and juicy lips that stains their cigarette butts with each drag is not only alluring but sends sexual vibes down to the groins of many men

sexy smoking fetish


Live Fetish

Live fetish via webcam is a huge turn on to many members and fetishists they go on their computer and to watch hot cam girls who are his favourites. These hosts love how members tell her to behave while he beats his meat away watching her smoke and drag slowly creating huge puffs of thick strong-smelling smoke these guys jerk that cock hard watching these hot females teasing

Our cam sessions are full of kinky open-minded girls who love to show off their huge big tits as they smoke or rub their sexy feet and toes they come into a session wearing nothing but long stockings and 6-inch heels. To tease horny members, she will walk in, smile and stare into the camera, apply red hot lipstick and play with her nipples to appease her super horny fans

After they get aroused, he then instructs her to either stand by the window or sit on the couch in a sexy pose, pull a fag from the packet of cigarettes laying in front of her and proceed to light one up.

She will Slowly start inhaling the smoke and exhale out slowly, for some reason this is what makes guys get off! Watching a big boobed lady drag on a cigarette while playing with her knockers!

Girls Smoking on Webcam

For some men, girls wearing sexy clothing such as a hot sexy nurse’s or French maid uniform and even naughty police uniform and smoking is all they need. Sam says whenever he watches a lady cop in their police shirt and wearing her cap light up a cigarette makes him get off.

The thought that a lady cop is breaking the law and does it so sexy with the long puffs, staring into the camera is all he cares for.

Is smoking fetish your thing? Are you curious about smoking fetish cams and are you happy to watch some on our site? Let us know…

These are some of the kinkiest girls giving the dirtiest sessions online, staining that cigarette as she licks her lips and blows the smoke directly at you. These are strong females who like control, they love to be in charge and even use you as a human ashtray. Yes, she will demand you get on your knees open your mouth and inhale her smoke she will them proceed to flick her ash into your mouth.

Dominatrix on Webcam

We have a list of a top dominatrix’s who all enjoy fetishes, they enjoy control and being powerful and smoking and blowing smoke at you makes them feel very strong. Do you want to visit our dominatrix cams? Then click the link and go visit and start your slave training online today. These women will train and mould you into what they want you to be. Their long nails holding the ciggie her tapping at the end of it so the ash will fall off as she stares you in the eye.



Bdsm Dungeon equipment

What equipment you find in a BDSM dungeon cam session

Most people who are not into the BDSM scene will imagine a session as a guy strapped to a cross being whipped by a woman wearing leather. They have no concept of anything else that can take place in a session or of any other equipment that can be used. Yes, a St Andrews cross is a staple part of any BDSM session but there are so many other “props” that can be used. For guys who are submissive but do not really know much about the “scene”, it can be a bit of a minefield.

live bdsm, bdsm chat

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For starters, you do not need to be strapped standing up. There are bondage tables with eyelet holes all along with them where a Mistress can strap you down and pin your arms to leave you helplessly exposed and she can also strap your so your legs are forced apart leaving your junk exposed for some CBT. Also perfect for face sitting so she can get pleasure without your hands getting too grabby as you fight for air or for some bastinade where she will torture the soles of your feet.

There is also a bondage chair which will usually have a high back and armrests with straps to secure your arms and buckles to fasten your feet. At the mean bitches choice, she can fasten a strap around your head as well to stop you moving, leaving you feeling extremely vulnerable and helpless. Like the bondage table, the chair is very effective at preventing any squirming by the slave and make sure he has no choice but to sit and accept all the pain and suffering coming his way at the hands of this powerful woman who thrives on BDSM cams

There are many different types of torture equipment that can be used. The usual canes of varying sizes and thicknesses for example. You would think the thicker the cane the more it hurts but a thin, whippy cane can hurt just as bad as a 2-inch thick bamboo cane! Plus of course, you also have things like whips, riding-crops and belts she can use to beat you with.

More kinky BDSM cams here

She might want to use her pinwheel which is a piece of metal about 4 inches in diameter attached to a handle and it has many spikes around its circumference and can run up and down the body of a slave causing mild to mid-level pain. It is especially productive when used on the balls of a sub or on the soles of the feet. We enjoy using our bdsm slave cams

Or she could decide to use her electrics. The e-stims machine is particularly effective. With two bands that go around your cock head and the base, they get connected to a control box via two wires. The Mistress can then adjust the force of electric shock she sends your dick as well as the style, from a pulse effect to a constant thrust. This is a fun tool for her to use as she can adjust each at her whim to keep the unfortunate slave “guessing” as to how hard he is going to get shocked. It is amusing for a sadistic Mistresses to see her sub jump.

For nipple torture, there are nipple clamps which can be put on your nipples (surprisingly enough!) and some of them have adjusters so they can be lightly applied or tightened so that they squeeze and bite hard onto the nipples. After that, she can hang weights on them, flick them, twist them or even connect them to her electric machine and shot jolts through them. Male nipples are pretty much pointless anyway so might as well put them to some use by having female dominant torture them!

These are just a few ideas of varying implements of torture a dominatrix can use in a session. The list is almost endless and in the right hands, the use of these tools can be highly effective

Cfnm Cam Chats


CFNM webcam chats is another way to ensure you are humiliated by fully clothed females on cam. They will demand you strip and stand in front of them for inspection, laughing at how pathetic you are and how desperate you are to see a little more of your Mistresses flesh but knowing fine well that will never happen

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Welcome to the world of clothed female naked male cams. This is where our online femdoms really have fun. Ensuring they are totally covered up so you see nothing at all. Let’s face it you are not worthy of seeing any skin.

You remain naked in her company at all times and knowing fine well she will never let you off with anything. Taunting you, smirking at you and taking pictures of you standing there in the nude, as nude as the day you were born loser.

She will never show you even a glimpse of her panties or her tight bra with amazing cleavage. You can sit in your chair bollock naked and just wonder ( the mind is a wonderful thing) It is even better to be fucked with and played with. So be ready to be abused on our where your world no longer is your own. This is the type of sessions you can expect in our live online strict bdsm cams chat rooms

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cfnm humiliation

cfnm webcam rooms



Get ready to be greeted with laughter as she collars you and pushes her nylon foot in your face, you know she means business and you know full well she won’t let up till she gets what she wants. Pictures and videos of you naked, she sits on your face fully clothed telling you just how much she loves to queen you and that is the nearest you will ever get to her and that is sniffing the leather from her skirt. It is all designed to intimidate and degrade you, make you feel like the fool you really are as well as making you see that she is the superior one and you are the nude little dickless fool.

  • Laying naked on the bed as she tramples on you.
  • Suck her high heels and lick her nylon feet
  • Stay naked at all times throughout your session
  • Corner time if need be
  • If Mistress needs to change her naked male will wear blindfolds
  • The slave will never ever see any skin Mistress
  • Making you jack off in front of her but not letting you cum

These are just some of the rules that are here for weak losers like you to obey. When Mistress begins with her cruel verbal humiliation, or her teasing fully clothed you do come to understand fully the meaning of cfnm and there is never any escaping who your owner and boss are.

Be sure to worship and adore her well, sign that slave contract that states you will never be worthy of getting close to your Mistress as she only takes on real men, alpha males not puny little dick heads like you.

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Naked male slave and clothed female Mistress

cfnm webcam live

money slaves humiliated

paypig, cascows, findom

Pay Pigs Know they must always pay up to their superior females

greedy dommes, femdom cam, money mistress

Money bitch online- Ready to drain you

Pay up loser- Your duty is to shower your Domina in gifts at all times, you know your duty as a money slave is to open that wallet remove your credit card and max it out on expensive gifts for your money mistress online now

No one is interested in your sick, pathetic excuses, it is time to get your pictures up so we can laugh at you all Losers.

Financial Domination Mistresses – CLICK HERE

piggy slave for online draining, findom cams live

pig slave to be drained

Pig1 Meet Matt another slave pig of ours who has maxed his cards now and gives his Owner his wages every 2 weeks. He knows he is a loser money slave, and he must pay cum tax if he ever wants relief. He works to pay Mistress and her bills as well as buy sexy lingerie for her boyfriends — Loser!

sissy financial domination, sissy blackmailed

sissy money slave humiliated on cam

Sissy who was fined £300 for glancing at his Owner and  Greedy Mistress without permission. Never have eye contact with a Financial Mistress unless she has given permission to look at her…

slave in bondage gear

Latex bondage slave

Money slave? Well, this useless joke only had this amount of money left in his bank account and to be honest it would not even cover the cost of my nails!! Pathetic is not even the word for this loser. He was restrained in a latex body bag on live bdsm cams and the money placed on top of him, as well as his cock and balls having electro stimulation around them and on at the highest level. Next time I demand more or I tell your wife!

Money slaves, cash dommes, drained slave, ruined slave, financial slavery online

Mistresses Human Atm

Oh yes, you are indeed and you know it! You belong to the BANK OF MISTRESS and every dime you have comes directly to me. You are given a budget for losers and are not allowed any more tv, radio, or nice foods no luxuries. This will be monitored as per your slave contract and if you fail. The letter we wrote your wife with the pictures will be posted to her and online to facebook


Financial Domination

financial live cams, findom webcam chats

Online Financial Domination Cams


Click here for financial domination 


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Financial domination on webcam

findom cams, live financial domination

Findom cams live – Strict misery webcam chat

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Money cams, – Dominas Online


Get ready to be financially violated by strict domins

So what is Financial Domination all about then?

There are lots of guys out there who could never get the attention of a gorgeous, model type woman. You can see them in bars and clubs trying to chat them up but she is so disinterested it is actually embarrassing to watch and when she tells them to get lost and he slinks away embarrassed it is wince induwince-inducing

Cruel bitches live, mean bitches on webcam

tches On Cam

Guys like this can never get a gorgeous woman to even look at them or give them the time of day never mind a kiss or sleep with them.

They give these girls the creeps and sometimes you can almost see her throw up in her mouth at the thought. However, there IS a way for these sorts of males to have a Barbie doll sex goddess acknowledge them.

It is through financial domination webcams and on these websites there are dozens of superior, demanding women who will drain you and use you for every last penny they can get from you. They do not care if you have no money left for food, heating, electricity or to get to work. If you need to get a second or even a third job then that is what you will have to do.

Some people would relate to this as being a fetish they have  and usually, it goes hand in hand with mean bitches, greedy bitches and spoiled brats, financial domination can be seen as an expensive online fetish

paypig, cascows, findom

Pay Pigs Know they must always pay up to their superior females

Girls like the ones you lust after and dream about will not entertain the likes of you. Dweebs and pathetic little wannabe real men like you are of no interest to them in a relationship sense. The only thing they want from you is money. Cold hard cash is the only way to get her to pay you any attention so open your wallet and get your credit card out paypig because she is going to use you like her own personal human atm and spend every penny you have.

She will make you go deep into debt to keep her happy and will not give you a second thought about how broke you are or how close to bankruptcy you might become.
Guys like you do not deserve women like this. Sure, you might want to date them but they do not want to date you. But they will use you to fund the lifestyle these spoiled, pampered Princesses deserve. They use live findom cams online to allow pathetic weak degraded losers like you the chance to be granted some of their attention. It is the best way for them to snare as many losers as possible. These spoiled Dommes do not give a shit about you.
– They deserve their luxury cars, you deserve to get the bus
– They deserve expensive wine, you deserve tap water
– They deserve lobster and steak, you deserve beans on toast
– They deserve to lie on and relax, you deserve to get up for work at 4 am
– They deserve fine clothes, you deserve to pay for it.
These financial domination cams babes will have you paying for everything online. Sexy lingerie for when they fuck their real man boyfriends, ankle bracelets, clothes from the top boutiques and luxury top floor apartments. And YOU are going to foot the bill. If she wants a Chinese delivered, you’re paying. If she sees a tennis bracelet she wants, your coughing up the green. They will despise you but will tolerate you to get the money from you that you will willingly cough up just to have them talk to you, even if it is only to throw insults at you. A pay pig is all you are good for and they will take full advantage.

We have plenty of these  evil women at –
So get on to financial domination webcam and get your credit card out you little human atm because you’re going to need it

Honk – piggy!!! Cashcow, money slave, financial ruin and drained wallets are all words that spring to mind when it comes to these live sessions. Pay your CUM TAX   to Mistress now.

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financial draining online

BBW Mistresses Live

bbw mistress cams

live bbw femdom cams

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BBW Mistress On webcam- Waiting to train slaves

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Black bbw Mistress spanking slave

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Red head Mistress with huge tits and curvy figure

blonde hair Mistress cams, blond dominas live, bbw blond women

Blond haired Big beautiful Domina online

busty mistress cams, tease and denial mistress

Big cleavage Femdom loves to tease and denial online

You can begin your BBw Mistress chat here

You can keep up to date with our blog of all the bdsm cam shows which we will update often with videos and pictures as well as online live free chats with hot Mistresses.

No matter what type of Owner, Trainer, Goddess you are looking to explore your submissive needs with, you can be assured our online Mistresses are waiting to guide you and take you on a journey you will never forget. We have all different styles and tastes from Milfs to Ebony’s to Transgenders as well as the bigger fuller women all waiting to take you in hand and teach you the world of being an obedient sub for them. View Live BBW CAMS HERE

We have some amazing fetish cam hosts and those who enjoy wearing latex online which can be a real turn on to so many guys, that creaking and shiny material

For the most intimidating and forceful female dominant, you can get, you need a bbw femdom. With their large frame, huge bosoms and towering presence they are by far the ultimate dominant and superior females.
Whenever I am looking for some female correction, I always go for the big beautiful women as they are always the strictest and most dominating.

They enjoy any form of slave cams online and show this when towering over and verbally abusing you

Maybe it is the way they fill up the whole screen or their massive chests or it might be the steely look they always have in their eye. I can not put my finger on it but what I do know is that whenever I enter the live webcam for a private session, I am instantly in a regressed state and I am immediately submissive to them. Our big women on cam enjoy being in charge of weak thin men

The fat Mistress online I usually visit always wears low cut tops which struggle to contain her more than ample breasts. I can barely keep my eyes off them which almost always leads to a severe punishment! I also love the way she stands up and I can see her leather, PVC or latex clothing as it clings to her more than ample curves and highlights the sheer size of her dominating frame.
She has a powerful personality and does not take any backchat or prisoners. This is something that all BBW fem-doms have and this combined with their size makes them appear almost immovable and certainly gives them an advantage when it comes to dealing with weak-willed pathetic males who need the control of a strict mistress on webcam.
Despite their big bodies, the Dominatrix’s all possessed limitless stamina for shouting out orders or brandishing a whip to “motivate” unruly slaves. You will have no escape. No respite. And no chance against this aggressive, dominant woman who will crush you under her weight and overpower you with her massive size.
All the overweight  Dommes love to bend over and have slaves worship their big fat asses. Those ample cheeks on display and it amuses them to have losers like you on your knees puckered up and planting kisses on their bare rear end. And kissing their feet and chubby thighs. ANYTHING they want because YOU are a lowly, pathetic little skinny dweeb who will cower and tremble in her presence.
Enter the curvy or chubby female domination webcam now, and be prepared to be afraid, terrified and mesmerised by the dominance and power.

Sexy Women smoking Online

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Smoking fetish video chat rooms live

Online smoking fetish

sexy smoking webcam host online

Sexy Women Smoking on Cam – Click here

sexy women smoking, fetish cams, women in glasses

Strict Lady in glasses with a cigarette

ciggy smoking, ciggy fetish

Hot female lighting her cigarette

See more of our live bdsm cams sessions here where you will meet hot fetish cam girls waiting to show you a good time online. If you get turned on and enjoy watching a hot female smoking sexy for you then be sure to turn in to our live cam area where we have hundreds of amazing ladies waiting to smoke and tease you at the same time. From smokey blowjobs to blowing all over their feet for those foot lovers. We have so many different sexy females waiting to drive you wild with their amazing teasing, stripping and blowing thick black smoke at you.

The best smoking cam girls Online

We really do have the best smoking fetish cam girls and you only have to browse our site to see for yourself just how amazing these hot ladies really are. If you just enjoy the fetish then log in to the free rooms and let the girls know what you are into. If you are a slave and need to become the Mistresses human ashtray and swallow her smoke and take her ash then be sure to let her know of this also. These online Dominatrixes enjoy all sorts of things from teasing you with their smoking to stripping off and playing with themselves as they take big long hard drags of that ciggie. These are strict ladies that enjoy being in charge, they love fetishes and love humiliation which includes CFNM humiliation can you imagine you being made to stand naked as she is fully clothes and smoking her cigarette and winking at you, or blowing kisses at you as she continues to tease.