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There are many forms of punishment a strict Mistress can dish out to her subs and slaves. Cock and ball torture, public humiliation or nipple torture to name but a few. But one of the most effective is a good old fashioned spanking.
For most slaves, this is the punishment they fear the most. It is deeply DEEPLY humiliating to have to go over superior females lay and have your bare bottom spanked. It brings back memories of childhood where their mother would spank them for being naughty and to be taken back to that state of mind and yet still be put across a female knee as a grown adult is degrading and embarrassing at the same time.
There are so many Dommes online and each one knows perfectly well that this is the best form of dealing with a submissive who needs to be punished. It instantly takes them back to childhood and causes them to regress and makes them humble and weak in her presence.

Imagine the scenario. Ordered to stand before her as she sits in a wooden chair. You stand with your hands clasped behind your back and your head bowed, ashamed and embarrassed. You peek up and she is staring at you, cross and annoyed. She orders you to lower your pants and underwear and then tuts as she sees you little penis all hard. She will probably make you stand there for a minute or two to make sure you feel the proper sense of shame, humiliation and degradation required.

Then you will be told to lower yourself across her lap. You do so tepidly and with much hesitation. As you feel the warmth of her thighs against your bare skin, you feel the thrill of touching her mixed with the fear of what is about to happen and what is occurring. She will probably tell you just exactly why you are across her knee and why you are getting a spanking. Then her hand will be raised and you will hear the “whoosh” as her hand comes down hard and smacks against your bare, exposed cheeks. The pain will sting and make your eyes spring wide open in shock. Another blow and you will kick your legs.

“LIE STILL” she will shout “DON’T MOVE”
as more and more blows rain down on your buttocks from her open-topped hand, you will feel your eyes watering and you will probably instinctively put a hand up to protect yourself but she will simply grab your wrist and twist your arm up your back to keep it out of her way and continue your spanking as you yelp like a pathetic little boy or she will restrain you in bondage and restraints.

Who knows how many spanks you will get or how long it will last. But it will not end until she is satisfied you have been suitably punished and then you will think twice before doing whatever it was you did to make her cross in the first place. Most live Mistresses will make a slave who has just been spanked go and look at themselves in the mirror after a severe spanking. Standing looking at themselves naked and with tear-stained faces and a crimson rear end is effective after punishment as it reminds the sub that there are consequences to insubordination and is an effective mental image for him to keep for the next time he thinks it ok to step out of line.

After looking at the sobbing, tear-stained mess he is, 9 times out of 10 he will then be made to go and stand with his nose in the corner and his hands on his head. This serves two purposes. The first is to give him a chance to reflect on his behaviour and what just happened. To think on just WHY he needed to be spanked and why he made his superior women have to punish him.

The second reason is the humiliation of his burning, bright red bum cheeks being on full display as she sits and reads a magazine to calm down or puts her hand in the cold water as it will also be stinging.
There are dozens of online Mistress cams Dommes who appreciate the effectiveness of a deeply humiliating spanking webcam session. Taking a subby back to feeling like a naughty little boy. Obviously, by using live femdom cam, the actual spanking cannot physically take place.

But it can be just as effective by sitting with a Dominatrix as she tells you all about how she would do it and explains in detail what would happen. She will also show you her collection of hair brushes and floggers etc that she uses. Live spanking webcams is as real as it gets and you will practically be able to feel every stroke and the sense of shame that comes with it.
So if you are an unruly sub or you have been naughty and need to be punished, go to an online femdom webcams site and let one of the Dommes show you EXACTLY how they deal with naughty little boys